Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dawn Dolls

                                                             Custom Dawn for Gift

                                                          Custom Dress Sold on Ebay

 As a grown person you would think I have no need for toys or dolls more specifically...however that is not the case for me! I have had a love affair with a certain doll since the very early 70's, Dawn. She was manufactured by the Topper corp and she has never lost her charm to me. I make clothes and I restore as well as remake them. I am still a little girl when I play with my dolls....what I mean is....it brings back all the wonderful feelings that anything is possible and the world is a beautiful place. 


Misti said...

Love it! YOu have alsays been an inspiration to me. YOu are so talented in your crafts and the designs of your doll house is amazing I love it, every last detail of it. The wedding dress you created is wonderful it is the perfect design of every little girls dream wedding gown. YOu add a little something special in our world it truley is a better place because of you.

Angel said...

The dress is so pretty. I wish I had the gift of sewing. You have a delicate hand and a creative eye for design.

Retta said...

Love this blog! Love your wit, creativeness, insight, and inspirational comments! Please keep it going!! Retta

Chrissy said...

You are a very talented lady! :)