Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Thirstee Cry Baby

I was given my grandmothers doll like this. I remember playing with her when I would visit in the summer as a little girl. My doll is a little different as her eyes are golden brown and her speaker box is long gone. :(

This darling little baby has a unique original feature. You insert a “D” size battery in the compartment in her back and flip a switch and she starts crying until you insert a bottle into her mouth that pushes a little lever to make her stop crying and start cooing and making happy sounds.

HEIGHT: 20 Inches
BODY: Hard plastic, speaker grille in front, battery compartment in back
LIMBS: Hard vinyl arms & legs, bent baby legs, not a walker
HEAD: Softer vinyl, open bottle mouth w/shut off mechanism
HAIR: Rooted short sandy brown hair w/bangs
EYES: Open/close blue sleep eyes, rooted upper lashes
JOINTS: Flange neck, arms, legs

MANUFACTURER: Horsman Dolls Inc;
YEAR(S): 1962
MARKINGS: Back of neck: Horsman Dolls Inc./©1962/No.2000,
on battery compartment: C1962/Prod Des & Dev Corp/Beverly Hills Calif/U.S. & Foreign PAT PEND/Made in U.S.A.
NAME GIVE BY MFG: Thirstee Cry Baby

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